As a purpose driven brand built on the foundation of mental health awareness and self love, Tikva Roots believes that in order to spread the highest level of love and support, it's important to engage with other communities that share the same values. We believe that if we light up our candles together, we can be brighter and people who need to find us will see us and find hope.


Mental Health and Physical Health are heavily intersected with each other. In multiple collaborations with Cyclebar, we have taken over their national Instagram page to discuss different mental health topics; how to cope with anxiety, how to practice self love and how to build a mental health toolbox, are just some of the few topics we shine light on. Creating a safe space also means finding ways to make discussions surrounding mental health approachable, and that's exactly what we do. Check out our Instagram @tikvaroots highlights to see some of our takeovers with Cyclebar.

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Inspired by the foundation of Kintsugi, the Golden Repair series features collaborations from creatives in the mental health space.This collaborative series features Cassie Garcia, who shares her mental health journey through dance. 10% of our profits from this collection will be donated to our friends at Psypher LA. A non-profit organization that de-stigmatizes mental health through urban dance workshops and education. Email us for more info how you can collaborate with Tikva Roots!